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The Pirates are on fire!! We have just been triple Emmy nominated for our work on Netflix's Lost in Space, HBO's Watchmen and HBO's Westworld!! Congratulations to all the amazing Pirates who made this possible!

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Hot off the press, proud to share our new house reel!

Watch it here!

The bounty hunter walks into the bar. Pirates help with the fight. Have a look at our breakdown of The Mandalorian S1

Watch it here!

We are super proud to have been a part of the third season of Westworld! Check out our breakdown of how Dolores came to life!

Watch our breakdown here

Always an honor to be mentioned on VFXVoice, double the honor when both Netflix's Lost in Space and HBO's Westworld are featured in the summer issue.

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We've been busy lately! Check out the latest teaser for Space Force and let us take you to the moon.

Watch the trailer here

Come with us behind the scenes of the last episode of Westworld S3. We'll let you guess all the shots we worked on!

Watch it here!

We created majestic environments and made Faeries fly in Season 1. We are now excited to bring more magic to Season 2 of Carnival Row. Watch our S1 Breakdown!

Watch our S1 Breakdown!

Today we start our 3rd week of remote work for all Pirates! We are grateful to all Clients for trusting us and letting us move to WFH before COVID-19 became a global emergency, giving us time to adapt and make security our priority. We are grateful to our amazing Tech team to make it all happen and supporting us throughout all the remote challenges. We are grateful to all our Pirates for sailing the stormy seas solo, stepping up to keep all productions on track. But mostly, we are grateful for our VFX community that's coming together to support each other in these difficult times finding solutions to keep everyone safe.

See some of our battlestations here!

We are really proud to have been part of Westworld from the very beginning, can't wait for season 3 to start!

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Getting ready for tomorrow. Keeping our fingers crossed for our VES nominations!

Watch our breakdowns here!

Thanks Jabbar & Terron for the kind words. Always a pleasure working with you and your team!

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Congrats to all involved and the incredible ILM team for the Oscar and Bafta nominations for Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

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We’re proud to share that the Pirates have been nominated for four VES awards for our work on Lost in space! We want to congratulate our amazing crew on their recognition and tireless efforts in raising the bar for what we can accomplish as a team! Thanks to all our clients for the opportunity and trust being a part of some amazing shows! Finally we want to congratulate the other VES nominees, this year has exceptionally fierce competition!

Check out the full list of nominees:

So looking forward to Christmas! Not only for family and friends time and lots of great food but also for s2 release of #lostinspace #Netflix tomorrow! Don't miss out! Times square NY is also ready for this season epic adventure (video by Pirate lily). Merry Christmas!

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Seeing our work on the silver screen is always emotional, today even more. Proud to be part of the Saga!


We are working on the finishing touches to the Saga. For now enjoy the final trailer!!

Watch the trailer!

Signing off for the weekend ready to watch the season premiere of Watchmen with some Pirate magic in it. Tick Tock Tick Tock ...


We are over the moon with excitement for the second season of Lost in Space!! We won’t disappoint you! Buckle up for Christmas!

Watch the trailer!

Always fun to help bring some cool super-powers to life!

Watch the trailer!

Thank you Betsy for those kind words! Read more on The Art of VFX about our work on Carnival Row

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Immensely proud to be part of Disney's The Mandalorian! It's truly looking stellar!

Watch the trailer!

'Carnival Row is our home now, where darkness lurks' Can't wait for you to see the work we have been doing to help bring the light!

Watch the featurette!

We are super proud to be Emmy-nominated for our VFX work on Tom Clancys ”Jack Ryan”. Congratulations to all pirates for your amazing work!


Aladdin is premiering - don't miss out on our beautiful work. Proud to have been part of it!

Watch the trailer!

Join our Niklas Jacobson at FMX today to get behind the scenes of our work for Lost in Space and to discuss about High-End Visual Effects in Television

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Thanks to all the Pirates for making winter come! So proud to be part of the final season of GOT!

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Breaking news! Swedish National Television visited our office to talk about visual effects!

You can check-out the interview here:

Join our crew! We are looking for talented pirates to come on-board this summer.

Check-out who's needed on the ship!

Super excited to be working on the second season of Krypton!

Watch the trailer

Have a read about the work behind Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan season 1, for which we won a VES award!

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Just got back from VES. Overwhelmed by all the love received! Thanks once again to all Pirates and our fantastic Clients for making these happen!

Here are the reels we submitted for nomination

Congratulation to all Pirates for your Amazing efforts!! 4 wins in the 2018 VES Awards!!

VES Award Show pics

Six bottles of rum! We are beyond proud to announce that we are nominated in 6 categories for our work on Lost in Space, Jack Ryan and Krypton! All the love to our amazing pirate crew and to our Clients for sharing this passion with us!

17th annual VES awards nominess

We did ask the Genie if we could work on an amazing film together - and our wish came true. Come and create some magic with us next year!

Disney's Aladdin Teaser Trailer

We are working on projects that we dreamt of as kids and have even more exciting ones about to start.

Come and join the pirate ship!

Check out this interview with cineSync where we talked about projects, communication and working across oceans!

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Buckle up!! Today we premier the breakdown of our work on Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom!

Have a look at our breakdown

Sharks forever! Shark Week 2017 was awarded with an Emmy for Outstanding Promotional Announcement. Congratulation Pirates, AV Squad and Discovery Channel!

Have a look!

Sharks will always have a special place in our hearts (and in our office)

Read our interview

Congratulations to all Pirates for your win for best visual effects in a commercial at Roygalan 2018!

Klarna: Smoooth Bass

Premiere night! Time to heat up the mood with our brand new reel!

Showreel 2018

Starting the week with a bang!

Check out our Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan breakdown!

Holding our fingers crossed for tomorrow's Lost in Space Emmy's nomination.

Check out our full season breakdown!

Very excited to be nominated again for our work on Westworld!

Have a look at our breakdown

From dinosaurs to storks. A nice addition to our creature family!

Have a look!

Mosasaurus, T-Rex, Blue... How we did it? Read all about it on The Art of VFX!

Read it here!

Kazaaam! We are double nominated for an EMMY in the category "Outstanding Visual Effects" for our work on Lost In Space and Westworld! Congratulations to all the amazing Pirates at ILP who made this possible!

See all the nominees here

Next week is when they announce this year's Emmy nominees. We have some very cool submissions, I hope you root for us! Meanwhile here is a teaser for our upcoming Lost in Space breakdown!

Have a look at the breakdown here!

Read up on the story about the Pirates in this great studio portrait by VFX Voice!

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Check out our season breakdown of Krypton!!

Pump up the volume and look at the breakdown here

Big feature about ILP in one of Sweden's main newspapers DN today about our work for Jurassic World.

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Proud to be featured in one of Sweden's main newspapers DI today about our work for Jurassic World.

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Hope you are pumped for the season finale of Krypton!! It’s going to be a big one! Airs tonight in US! Tomorrow on HBO Nordic in Sweden!

Have a look at the trailer here!

Virtù e Fortuna. WestWorld latest episode well expresses how we feel about being able to have worked on this season again. A great mix of luck and skilled strength. Thanks HBO for letting us be part of it!


Proud of the fun project we did with Nord DDB for Klarna that got almost 3 million viewers in a few days.

Have a look!

Check out what we have been brewing for the past year! Hope you are as excited as we are!

Have a look at the trailer here!

We are extremely honored to have been awarded and recognised with a second VES award in the Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode category for our work on Black Sails; XXIX, the season finale! We'd like to congratulate all our excellent Pirates and would also like to extend our gratitude to Erik Henry and Terron Pratt for the opportunity to contribute to this amazing show!


We are exited to announce that we are currently in production with this summers dino blockbuster Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom! Hats off to the team at Industrial Light & Magic for their continued trust in us and for giving us the opportunity to work on yet another movie on our bucket list.

Have a look at the trailer here!

ILP is proud to announce: We've completed our parts for Star Wars: The last Jedi!! We are grateful, happy and honoured for the opportunity, and would like to extend our thanks to Industrial Light & Magic for their trust. They have always been an inspiration to us, and a reason for many of our artists to seek this industry in the first place. This marks a milestone in ILP history!

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We were awarded the EMMY for OUTSTANDING SPECIAL VISUAL EFFECTS at the 69th Emmy Awards for our work on HBO's series WESTWORLD! Thank you Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy and Jay Worth for your confidence and trust in us.

Have a look at the breakdown here!

If you're thirsting for some thrilling VFX to sink your teeth into, come join us! We are looking for various talents, preferably starting this summer, but as always we warmly welcome all artists to apply anytime. We are looking for artists of all levels, but primarily seniors. Supervisors, LookDev/Lighting TDs, Animators, Compositors, Generalist TDs, Pipeline/Software Engineers, Riggers, Matchmove/Tracking Artists. Curious? Sign up by clicking on the link below. We eagerly look forward to hearing from you!

We want to meet you!

Black Sails won the award for 'Best Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode' at the 15th Annual VES Awards! This is ILP's first VES award and we are grateful to be part of the team behind all the amazing work that was done on season 3 of Black Sails. Thank you and congratulations to Erik Henry, Terron Pratt and Starz who brought us along on this great adventure and to everyone at ILP who made this possible!

See a list of all the winners here!

We are very proud to be part of the VFX team behind the very successful series "Westworld". Showrunner Jonathan Nolan and the shows vfx-superviser Jay Worth shared some very kind words about our collaboration in Entertainment Weekly as well as on

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Our work on Fisherman's Friend; Flyboard Fishing has been nominated for best VFX at Roygalan​, a gala celebrating the best Swedish commercials!

Have a look!

S​ony P​ictures​ ​latest thriller​ ​The S​hallows has opened in the US! ​Our team at Important Looking Pirates​ ​completed a series of intense, demanding vfx shots where ​they pushed the envelope and achieved truly remarkable results. ​ILP is very proud to be a part of what according to IGN is​; ​"​Amazing. ​The new Blake Lively/shark thriller The Shallows makes Jaws look like a children’s tea party.​"​​ - S​imon T​homson 23​/6 2016


Important Looking Pirates acquires the Swedish post production company Mad Crew Production as a step in our continuous expansion. - We are super excited to welcome the talented, fun and passionate people at Mad Crew to the Pirate family!

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Read what’s being written about CHILDHOOD'S END! “After spending an afternoon with all three episodes, which run an hour and a half in length each, I can honestly say that it looks as good as any sci-fi film you've seen on the big screen this year. Especially the miniseries' final episode, which delivers the most ambitious visual effects I've ever seen on TV.” - John Saavedra, Den of Geek US.

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We're in production for the upcoming drama from Syfy; CHILDHOOD'S END. ILP is heavily involved in this project, from pre-production where we developed concepts all the way through to post production, where we are creating 94 amazing Vfx shots that help tell this fantastic story. Starts December 14th in the USA.


Shark Week 2015 won gold at the Clio Key Art Awards in LA last week. ILP created the entire sequence featuring CG sharks, time ramped water simulations, animated seals and birds composited over green screen footage of Rob Lowe and his mermaid.

A classic.

ILP is nominated for an ANIMAGO award in the Best Postproduction category for NBC's Crossbones. All in all 1,008 works have been submitted and our project made it as one of the best 45 in this year! Good work pirates!


Everest set to open at the Venice Biennale! We're very proud to have been part of this epic adventure film featuring 95 vfx shots produced by our talented pirates. Have a look at the trailer!

Everest Trailer

We are once again featured in a great article at fxguide. Niklas Jacobson describes some of the challenges involved in creating the epic vfx for NBC’s Constantine and Crossbones.

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